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Quality bread –alongside its appropriate starter and proofing time– is the real protagonist of this book, whose main objective is to help understand the different aspects to bear in mind regarding the selection of flours, the ferments, the kneading, forming and baking processes of bread, as well as to detail, in a clear way, how to prepare a large number of specialties.


A varied, exhaustive catalog

The book is divided into a very extensive introduction in which the main ingredients of bread are studied and another part devoted to the basic preparation stages, particularly focusing on the different types of sourdough starters and natural leavening agents. The chapter on breads is the most ambitious, and displays a large number of step-by-step preparations which range from classic breads, such as Galician bread, baguette or peasant’s bread, to those which belong to a new generation of particularly healthy ones, such as organic, spelt, tritordeum or Kamut bread. Italian specialties play a special role in this book, and are a reflection of the experience which the author himself gained in that country. Focaccia, ciabatta Bolognese, pane all’oglio and even panettone are fully explained in the pages of this book, with step-by-step photographs which will surely help reveal their own essence.
Enriched doughs, such as those of croissant, ensaïmada or brioche, complete the wide range of recipes, altogether making up more than 40 different creations (25 bread and 15 enriched dough recipes). The book also contains a didactic section devoted to the preparation of bread without professional equipment. Finally, the book is complemented by a group of videos which will help understand in detail the forming, scoring and marking techniques which characterize each dough contained in it.


The author, Joaquín Llarás, the background of a life devoted to bread

joaquín llarás

‘It’s been more than 40 years in the trade’, Joaquín reminds us, and this is precisely one of the main values one can find in this technical manual on bread making. For the author, making bread is nearly a way of life, and that spirit, alongside his professional commitment, has led him to share all his knowledge with us through this book. Another remarkable aspect of this book is the fact that, in it, the author truly reproduces what he daily serves in his bakery, ‘Quim Pa!’, located in the coastal town of Vilanova i La Geltrú.


The videos

Forming baguettes and round bread Kaiser rolls hand marking
Forming hydrated dough Baker's sweet bread forming and flattening
Forming and flattening focaccia Scoring bread
panes con oficio - true bread

Features & contents
Languages: English/Spanish
172 pages
Size: 21x27 cm

- 25 different breads.
- 15 enriched doughs.
- Color photographs of all the breads, with different finishings and step-by-step explanations.
- Working with organic doughs and especial flours (Tritordeum, spelt, Triticum Turgidum Khorasan).
- Classic specialties such as Galician bread, ciabatta, coca de forner, peasant’s bread, pane all’oglio, Vienna bread, focaccia and panettone.
- Culinary variations such as cheese bread, onion bread, walnut bread, orange and chocolate bread, ‘kissing buns’, croissant shells with béchamel sauce, tuna and piquillo pepper, ginger and spelt cookies, etc.
- Making bread without professional equipment.
- Videos showing how to form, score and cut the different breads.

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introducción  introducción  introducción

Raw materials,
- Flour,
- Other ingredients,

- Working methods,
- Sourdough starter and pre-ferments,
• Organic sourdough starter,
• Levain,
• Poolish,
• Pâte fermentée (old dough),



Tips & recommendations,

Making bread without professional equipment,
- Kneading by hand,
- Baking in a home oven.

panes  panes  panes

Baguette with poolish,
- “Pain d’épi” (wheat stalk bread),
- Black olive bread,
“Pa de pagès” (Peasant’s bread),
Galician bread,
- Galician bread with topknot,
- Galician bread with Iberian ham and provolone cheese,
Pane all’olio (oil bread),
- Oregano batons,
- Ciabatta loaves,
- Round ciabatta,
- Fougasse-shaped ciabatta,
Vienna bread,
- Hamburger bread,
- Kaiser rolls,
Tin loaf,
Wholemeal wheat bread,
Seed bread,
Rye bread,
Organic spelt bread,
Tritordeum bread,
Triticum Turgidum Khorasan bread,
Cheese bread,
Onion bread,
Walnut bread,
Chocolate-orange bread,
“Besucones” (kissing buns),
Flat loaf,
“Coca de forner” (baker’s sweet bread),

Other enriched doughs
otras masas  otras masas  otras masas

Butter croissant,
- Cocoa shells with blueberries,
- Croissant shells with béchamel sauce, tuna and “piquillo” pepper,
- Marzipan-filled king cake,

- Three chocolates,
- Ginger and spelt,
- Chocolate & walnut,
Coffee and chocolate madeleines,
- Apple and raisins,
- Banana, yogurt and chocolate loaf cake.