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Christophe Roesems: ‘It is not just a recipe, there are more things that are inherited in Wittamer’

August 9, 2017 |

The mission of the executive chef is to ensure that Wittamer’s spirit materializes in its day-to-day production.More info

Lior Shtaygman. A close look

August 4, 2017 |

The head of the training center Danon is convinced that israeli confectionary needs to focus on local products and to less imitate the French patisseries.More info

Mateo Casañas

Creative and perfectionist, he is part of the trio of great chefs in charge of DisfrutarMore info

Eduard Xatruch

Chef in Disfrutar, where he translates everything learned in elBulliMore info

Oriol Castro

Translates the creative spirit of elBulli to the restaurant DisfrutarMore info

Frabrizio Fiorani

The aim is to provide his customers with a unique experienceMore info

Susanna Yoon

Chocolate with sensitivity and refinementMore info

Lior Shtaygman

Local products as protagonistsMore info

Leonardo di Carlo

Rational, simple and mature pastry, with a wide knowledge of the ingredients.More info

Andrés Morán

Specialist in healthy dessertsMore info