Techniques and ingredients for modern pastry

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Introducing new and advantageous ingredients, simplifying the processes, improving the performance and applications of each product; in short, optimizing the technical side of pastry to the maximum. This is what evolutionary pastry is about, which Jordi Puigvert practices and teaches all over the world as a technical advisor for countless firms. And this is in fact the subject which this book, published by Grupo Vilbo and So Good.. magazine, revolves around.

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ingredientes If there is a natural ingredient, with an origin and extraction method similar to that of the usual ones, and which provides us with practical and specific solutions in our daily tasks, why shouldn’t we use it?

aplicaciones Jordi Puigvert has deeply researched the technical possibilities of gelling and thickening agents, emulsifiers, etc. with a very clear objective – offering the pastry professional specific solutions to fight off everyday problems.

recetario In this section, all the complete recipes worked throughout the book are compiled. It is a total of 20 creations of modern pastry (cakes, desserts, marshmallows, macaroons, etc.) with over 60 components, as well as their final assembly.




jordi puigvertJordi Puigvert Colomer was born on January 11th 1977 in Olot (Girona, Spain). His parents used to run a family hotel and restaurant inaugurated four generations before. He therefore grew surrounded
by high-end ingredients and fine cuisine,
which he wholeheartedly worships now.
He studied at the Culinary and Tourism School of Girona, with teachers like Salvador Brugués, Carme Picas or Gonzalo Herrero among others. He worked at different restaurants, out of which El Celler de Can Roca stands, where he did an internship supervised by Damian Allshop. Then he traveled to Barcelona and ended up working at the dessert restaurant EspaiSucre for one year, alongside Jordi Butron and Xano Saguer. His career went on at the restaurant Abrevadero (currently Alkimia), owned by Jordi Vilà and Sonia Profitós, and Grupo Boira, managed by Quim Hugas, where he had the chance to develop new seasonal products targeted at restaurants and cafeterias with a different touch. He finally went back to Olot to join the team at the restaurant Les Cols (awarded one Michelin star then, currently two), where he stayed for 5 years as chef de pâtisserie working side by side with Pere Planagumà, chef de cuisine, under the command of Fina Puigdevall and her husband Manel Puigvert.
There he would shape his style and his own way to conceive the dessert. Once his training period came to an end, Jordi Puigvert started a new career, but this time as a teacher in the same school in Girona where he had studied before. Soon afterwards, he set up his own company, Sweet’n Go, and became a consultant and demonstrator for different brands like Sosa Ingredients, Chocolates Michel Cluizel, Sicoly and La Rose Noire and started traveling the world (he now speaks five languages). At this stage, he met Quico Sosa, with whom he soon shared his view of gastronomy and ingredients. This close relationship would be the key to the development of numerous techniques and product which are now to be found in this very book.



Christophe Adam
Most instructive and exciting little deflections in pastry! A bright and creative idea which we should have invented somehow if Jordi hadn’t proposed it in an ingenuous and gourmand way in his book, which I am glad to comment.
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Ramon Morató
This is a necessary book. Numerous new products and techniques have appeared in gastronomy. Many of them have become habitual, but unfortunately they have sometimes been used the wrong way, often due to lack of information.
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Xano Saguer y Jordi Butrón
Throughout this book, you will see reflected all the years Jordi has devoted to the new techniques and ingredients, and how this generous educator has managed to create his own style by fusing the different things he has learned from his ‘teachers’.
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Techniques and ingredients for modern pastry

Author: Jordi Puigvert
Language: English/Spanish
Sizes: 230x280 mm
Pages: 240
20 Preparation processes with step-by-step photographs
20 application techniques
Datasheets of all the products
60 recipes

Price: 49,90 euros
Edited by: Grupo Vilbo

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